Good Morning Habits! c:

Hi, my dear reader!

I believe that you want to start your day with good intentions. We all have our small goals to reach for each day. Very often I tend to fail the start of the day and then the whole day goes on unfulfilled. To avoid that you can create a new morning habits that will kick-start your day in a good note. These 5 habits are inspired by random articles, videos on social media and by my life experience. I want to share them with you!


1.Set alarm clock! 

No matter if it’s a work day or holiday it is important that when you wake up you have a spare time for a slow and peaceful morning. I understand how you feel about this recommendation, I love to sleep in too. Try every morning waking up at least 1 – 2  hours earlier. Why? If you wake up five minutes before leaving the house, you will leave everything in a mess, probably you won’t have nutritious breakfast and no time for a shower, not even talking about other great morning habits I will talk about further. Stressed filled lifestyle can also leave a damage to your health, so waking up early with no stress of being late will benefit you long term.

2. Pray and read Bible! 

Every new day is a new blessing. Thank for it, thank for the protection during night, thank for all the blessings you already have! Trust your day to God. He is our Creator, let His will be done in your life. Tell Him your worries and things you have planned for the day, place them in His hands, He will lead you through the day. I believe, He really wants you to succeed! Try to read at least one daily verse, keep it as encouragement and inspiration for your day!

3. Take a shower and dress up! 

Even if you are not going out this day, your cleanliness will influence your day! If during the day you are still in PJs and with dirty hair, you will feel like doing nothing all day. I have been in that situation many times. Usually, that kind of days, I spent watching TV, browsing net, binge eating and feeling bad about myself. That is not healthy neither for my mind and my body. It is not guaranteed that after shower and dressing up you will be very productive that day, but it will influence how you feel during the day and choices you will make. You will be more opened to new adventures, like going outside. (;

 4. Have a healthy breakfast!

I think you have heard this a lot –  how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It really is though. I have noticed that what I eat in a breakfast a lot of times sets the food theme for the day. If in the morning I eat leftover cake and drink Sprite, all day I will crave junk food, the same happens if I don’t eat breakfast at all. There are so many healthy, very tasty and also quick breakfast recipes. I will share a lot of them in future here in my blog. Remember, breakfast for your body is like fuel for a car, to start your day you need to have a good foundation that cravings later in the day don’t lead you to fast food places.

5. Tidy up your surroundings! 

Before going out check that your bed is made and your breakfast dishes are clean, it is relevant also if you stay at home all day. Surroundings can affect your productivity, if everything is dirty and messy you will not have inspiration to do anything creative. I have noticed that, it is very hard for me to function in a dirty surroundings. Make sure everything is clean and nice, it will feel much pleasant to come back home after a long day at the work or elsewhere and you will not be ashamed if your friends come to visit you.

I hope these five good morning habits inspired you. By writing them, they inspired me again! Don’t be sad if you fail, you can always start from new.

Love, Elina







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