Hi, my dear reader!

In my blog I decided to every now and then share some little bits of my life. I will call these blog posts “My tiny notes”.  The last few days were full with exciting events, so I decided to share them with you! Hope they will inspire you a little bit! (:


Friday,26.08. My best friend Baiba got married. She was celebrating her wedding in the same venue were I am going to celebrate my wedding. It was a sunny and warm day,  the celebration was outside. It was also one year anniversary for me and Tom being in relationship. So it was overall a romantic day!


Saturday, 27.08. Me and Tom went for a spontaneous walk around the city. As we were walking I decided to take some photos of the beautiful architecture of Riga. This building is the most popular example of Art Nouveau or Jugendstil in Riga. Riga’s Art Nouveau District is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Sunday,28.08. I finally bought “Wreck this journal”! I have been watching many videos on youtube how others creatively wreck it. I got inspired by those videos, so I decided to wreck it by myself. I will definitely make a blog post about it in future.


Monday,29.08. I met two of my high school friends. We had not seen each other for a great while.  (From left Anete, Kate and I)  (:


We went to a small lovely cafe in Old Riga (Old town) called “Parunāsim” (“Let’s talk”).  If you ever decide to travel to Riga, Latvia you can check it out here .

These were the few things I wanted to share with you. I hope you liked it! (:

Love, Elina



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