MY TINY NOTES:many,many steps

Hello, my dear reader!

I was going through photos in my phone and I decided that, even though I did blog post  “my tiny notes” very recently, the last few days where so cool that I want to share them with you.


Thursday, 1.09. For lunch I had salmon soup in a restaurant called “Tikai karotes“(“Only spoons”), it was super yummy! Soups are amazing choice for lunch – they are healthy and filling, also low in carbs. I want to teach myself to eat more soups!


Friday, 2.09. We went to see “The Secret Life Of Pets”, it was an overall good movie,but not that exciting, “Big Hero 6” and “Inside Out” are still my faves.


After the movie, me and Tom went to Sigulda, if you love nature and hikes you will like this place, it’s 30 km from Riga. We climbed many, many stairs up and down the hills.


When we climbed up one particular stairs we reached a little village on top of the hill, which was near the Krimuldas castle ruins. There were some beautiful old buildings, like the one in the photo.


Walking around the small village we found this cute cafe, called “Milly”.


The interior of the cafe was very interesting, the walls were filled with artsy childish drawings. We ate there, they had a little choice in the menu and as I am not a meat eater, the only option was potato pancakes with fresh veggies, but it was delicious and also pretty cheap.



Our next destination was Turaidas castle, it is located in Turaidas Museum  Reserve. The location around is filled with history, there are many exhibitions, old buildings and sculptures. We went up the tower (more stairs :D), the view was amazing!


The photo I took from the tower top. (:


Saturday, 3.09. Two weeks left till wedding, the day I will marry my soul mate! ❤

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you liked it and it inspired you. See you on my next blog post!

Love, Elina



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