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Me and Tom unlike the majority of married couples after wedding decided not to travel far, but go on a road trip, explore the beautiful places in Latvia and also visit neighbor country Lithuania. It was a five day trip, but full with beautiful places and moments, I want to share with you some of them.


We started our trip on sunday, it was the next day after wedding. Our first stop was a small town in Latvia near the Baltic Sea called Pāvilosta. The weather was sunny and warm, we went for a walk by the seaside. Later we walked the mole and Tom climbed up the red lighthouse and gave me the chance to snap this beautiful photo.


In Pāvilosta we found beautiful cafe called LAIVA (Boat). I ordered peppermint tea and Tom coffee, it was a pleasant atmosphere there and it was nice to just sit and enjoy the beautiful design of the place.


After Pāvilosta we went to Liepāja, were Tom had booked two nights for us in a five star PROMENADE HOTEL. It was fine, I am just not the kind of person who gets excited about luxurious stuff, other things excite me more, we both thought after the stay that we have felt the same satisfied with service after staying in a less star hotels or guest houses. The nice thing was the art gallery inside the hotel, the sauna and breakfast were yummy.


On Monday we went to explore Liepāja. Our first stop was Liepāja’s tourist information office, they gave us a city map with a special 6 km route highlighted. The whole road is marked with a musical notes on asphalt, it was fun to follow the notes, also we could see all the main tourist sites in the city.


Liepāja has amazing beach!


We also got to experience the beautiful  architecture of Liepāja, this building was just my dream cottage, it was located very near to the sea.


By following the notes we passed by many churches, we decided to go inside one of them. From the outside church looked dark and ordinary, but when we walked in I was shocked of how beautiful it was, it has wall paintings everywhere and beautiful constructions. It is such an art piece and it is sad that probably many people just walk by, because they have no idea of how beautiful it is inside.


On evening we went to the most beautiful vintage cafe in Liepāja called BOULANGERIE. We decided to sit outside on the roof and hang out with two very cute sparrows.


Macaroons are my favorite pastry with no doubt. Sparrows agreed with me.


On tuesday we continued our trip and we went to city called Palanga, which is located in Lithuania.


Palanga has the longest wooden pier in the Baltics.


We stayed at Palanga’s Lutheran church guest house. The photo above is the church, it has strange, yet very interesting architecture.


Wednesday we went to Klaipeda, Lithuania –  another beautiful city.


We stayed in Old Mill Hotel, it was located very near to the port and the old town.


Right next to the hotel’s parking place was this creepy statue. I liked it, I thought it is a clever idea and it gives the city something mysterious. I would like to know the story behind it.


Klaipeda old town is very cute, with little houses and narrow streets.


And with this beautiful sailing ship.


At lunch time we went to eat sushi! I love sushi! So this officially was the best meal in the whole trip for me. Tom prefers pizzas.


This was the view outside our hotel room window.


On thursday we went to Vilnius, it is the capital city of Lithuania. It was spontaneous decision by both of us, because from the start, when we were planning the trip, we decided Klaipeda to be our last stop, but as we were in Lithuania, we though why not to make our trip a little bit longer.


Vilnius surprised us with it’s beautiful architecture.


One street in Vilnius. ❤


We climbed up one hill and the view was great, we could see all the city center from above, such amazing experience.


We were blessed with amazing weather. Those three photos above are the three views you can see from the hill. So on one side you have the old town, on other modern buildings and then another beautiful hill with three crosses.


After sightseeing Vilnius we went to IKEA, in Latvia we don’t have it. We managed to buy so many things for our new home and it was all really cheap. IKEA is amazing place for newlyweds.

Late at night we went home. It was a great trip, there were many, many other things, but I choose you to show some of my favorites from the trip. Will definitely go back to Vilnius for at least three days, we saw that there is a lot to see and experience in there.

Hope you enjoyed this post.See you on my next one!



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