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AUTUMN IS MY FAVORITE SEASON. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Fall fashion – cute sweaters and warm socks. Autumn is the only season when I love to choose what to wear. P.S. I know the photo below is not the best example of what I meant with a cute sweaters! (: fullsizerender
  2. Long walks – the weather is perfect for going walking/ hiking, it is not too hot or cold and everything looks so beautiful around, especially colorful leaves! IMG_3281.JPG
  3. Warm drinks, candles and the cozy feeling. AUTUMN, in my opinion, is the coziest season. It is perfect time to enjoy warm pumpkin cream soup, drink warm tea and light some autumn scented candles. I just love the nostalgic feeling when you sit by the window on a rainy autumn day, with your warm drink and look outside how the leaves are falling. img_20131221_145341
  4. Thanksgiving – autumn is a perfect time, before the Christmas and the New Year, to reflect and be thankful for all the blessings you have- for the loved ones, for food on the table, for roof on your head, for health, for your country. God is good, thanks to Him we can harvest the fruits. He is with us no matter what, He will not leave us, His blessings and mercy are everlasting. img_20131020_103222If you want you can leave a comment, I would love to hear why autumn is special for you. Thank you for reading! See you on my next post!



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