Hello, my dear reader!

I have been gone for awhile, because some major changes in my life are happening. I still will not spoil the big news, I want to dedicate a special blog post for that.

I am a huge Christmas nerd. I am 25 years old, but I enjoy watching Home Alone and my favorite drink is hot chocolate. I decided to share with you my Christmas to-do-list, I hope that some of my ideas are helpful and inspiring to you!



  1. To bake Christmas cookies! I am looking forward to that. I found some great recipes on pinterest.
  2. To visit Christmas market! Amazing place where to hang out, to go for hot drink and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.
  3. To listen Christmas music! My favorite: Frank Sinatra Christmas playlist on spotify.
  4. To buy gifts and try some creative gift wrapping ideas!
  5. To decorate your home and the Christmas tree! Also on pinterest you can find many diy ideas to make your home look festive.
  6. To watch Christmas movies! My favorites: Home Alone 1&2 and Elf.
  7. To go to church on Christmas Eve. Jesus is the reason for this season!
  8. To wear a Christmas sweater!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I will be back next year with more regular posts! I want to continue this blog and create beautiful and inspiring blog posts for you! I appreciate every ‘like’ I receive and I am thankful for every one of you! ❤

Love, Elina


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