The highlights|2016

Hello, my dear reader! I am back! One of my new years resolutions was to produce more content for this blog! I hope you are all doing well and that this new 2017 has started successfully for you! Today, I want to look back on 2016. It was the best year ever for me, I managed to fulfill many life goals! So I am going to share with you the highlights of 2016!


I was studying 4 years in University of Latvia,Faculty of Economics and Management program International  Economic Relations. For one semester I was studying abroad in Fulda, Germany. In these four years I grew a lot academically, I graduated with excellent marks and I got A+ (10 in Latvia) for my bachelor thesis. I am very thankful about this life experience.




It happened in the tower of Cesis Castle. It was on 20th of February and for me it will always be the most romantic day ever, even our beautiful wedding day can not compete. The tower was beautifully decorated with many candles, our photos, vintage suitcase, lanterns, bird cages,candles in the jars, flowers etc. I felt like a princess in my own fairy tale. It was so perfect and exactly how I liked it, and it was just to of us, no photographers, no other people! It was just our moment and I will cherish it forever.




My best friend Baiba got married! The above photo is from her bachelorettes party and the below one is from her wedding! I am very happy for her and her husband, I think they are the perfect match made in heaven!





As you can see from the photos I and also my friends don’t like to celebrate bachelorettes party as many people do. We don’t drink,go to clubs, striptease and neither we wear attention seeking clothes. And I want to add that my husband also did not have that kind of things in his party, because we are both christians we believe in a true love and we found it in each other and we strive for purity. My friends had organised me amazing garden party, with my favorite food, we had some board games, they had some special tasks for me, over all it was a very beautiful day. At the evening they all prayed for me, that was a blessing!




Photo: Rihards Rudzis photography

We got married on 17 of September. That day was blessing from the early morning! The weather was perfect for the photo shoot and for all activities. We celebrated in the beautiful Rāmavas Depkina muiža. It was the best feeling in the world to marry my soul mate. If you like to see more photos, I did a blog post earlier, here.



Our honey trip adventure you can find, here. This photo is from Vilnius, Lithuania. We went there for the second time in November together with my parents, brother and his fiancee.


If you read my previous blog post you may remember that I mentioned some big news I want to tell you. So finally it is the time! WE ARE EXPECTING! I am on my 17 week now, in my second trimester. The first trimester was not very fun I suffered from nausea all the time, that is why I wasn’t so active neither in my blog or outside. All my loved ones already know the news, so I decided that I can share these with my blog readers. We trusted on God with this, because He is the Creator! Last year I also turned 25! When I was thinking some five years ago about my life I imagined being married and becoming a mom, God has made my wishes come true! I am very thankful, that my body is healthy and  I can have this baby! Below is the photo of my first scan, can’t wait for the second one, then we will know the gender!


Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! Have a lovely day! (:

Love, Elina


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