Let’s be kind.

Hello, my dear reader! Today I want to talk about my pregnancy,about one particular issue that almost every mom to be has to face – weight gain.

All my life I have been very self conscious about my weight even though I was never fat and not even close to that. My self esteem growing up was very low, I constantly compared myself with other girls. I looked in the mirror and saw myself fat even though it was not close to reality. I just struggled to accept myself the way I was. I admitted this issue with my friends and they helped me a lot to recover from this ill thinking, I also prayed about this and constantly tried to remind myself God’s truth about who I am and how wonderfully He has created me.

Now being pregnant and seeing how my weight is going up, even though I know it is coming from my baby bump, I start to struggle again with my self confidence. I don’t like how clothes look on me anymore and how my face has become a little rounder.

But the biggest problem is that previously nobody ever commented on changes in body, I also didn’t had any noticeable changes, but now suddenly for many people it okay to say to me that my face has become rounder, like I haven’t noticed that. It really offends me.

First time somebody told me that, I was depressed for a whole day, I wanted to cry, I thought about dieting although it is a ‘no no’ in pregnancy, because baby needs all the nutrition, I felt ugly and fat.

In my opinion, it is never okay to comment on other people appearances, pregnant or not. If you can not say anything uplifting then just be quiet, because it can really hurt.

I am thankful to God that my body now is fulfilling it’s biggest mission – carrying a child, a new life. It is amazing that I can take part in creating a new life together with God. The changes that are happening in my body are miraculous and the way my baby is developing in my womb is amazing! I feel blessed!

But at the same time I am still me, it is my body that is changing, it is my appearance that is changing, I need to deal with it and accept it. Not just weight gain comes with pregnancy, but also heartburn, cramps, back pain, cravings and all kinds of pains, but it is all worth it to carry this new life into this world. I am not complaining about all those changes because they are for bigger purpose, the only thing that hurts me is that other people think it is okay to comment their judgments about my changing body.

Please be kind and supportive towards moms to be and not only them, towards anyone. Let’s encourage and lift each other up!

I wanted to share this with you, because after these several comments from many people about my changing pregnant body, I felt very sad and discouraged and I don’t want to stay in that place and I want to say to all pregnant ladies – you are beautiful and never let the bad comments bring you down.

Love, Elina






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