Getting off the sugar rails!

Hello, my dear reader! Today I want to talk about FOOD. For the last few months I have been struggling to eat healthy, but now I am getting back on track.

The thing is during this pregnancy I kind of let myself eat whatever I wanted and mostly I was craving sweets. So I became a sugar addict for real! I used any excuse to indulge on extra sweets whenever I had a chance to do it, that resulted in an extra pounds and not being happy with my body image.

So I watched some movies on Youtube about how bad is sugar and what it is actually doing to our health and I realized that I can’t continue this way, I have to attack my uncontrollable binge eating problem.

Here on this blog post I want to share what I did and I hope this will help you if you have a similar problem.


I know it sounds like a weird advice, but it helped me and this is how. When I was binge eating sweets I was not thinking about what it is doing to my body or how that affects my baby, I even used being pregnant as an excuse to eat without thinking.

I started with realizing what unhealthy food was doing to my self-image and my mood. I was feeling kind of depressed all the time that I cannot control myself, I was starting to compare myself with other pregnant women on Instagram and I couldn’t understand how they can look so thin and eat so healthy, because all I was craving was sugar, sugar and again sugar. After seeing myself in a photos I saw how fat I was looking and it hurt. Previously it was a problem in my head and now the problem is real.

Next thing I did, I searched for articles on internet and videos/movies on youtube about how bad is sugar and what it is doing to my body, it really inspired me to change. I don’t want myself to continue eating this way and when the baby will be born I don’t want him to get hooked on sugar. Yes, sugar is even more addictive than drugs and that is a fact!

By getting educated and facing my real emotions I got myself mentally ready for a change. I feel like I can again control myself and my appetite no matter how hard it is.


Get rid of any sweets, junk food or whatever you are addicted to from your house. It is a really important step! Just throw it out it, is not food anyway, it will not do good for anyone! I realized that especially now when I am pregnant I am not that strong and if the sweets are always on my eyesight I will go and eat them. So get rid of them! Not buying them on the first place will also do! (;


Snack on fruits, berries,veggies, dried fruits, nuts and seeds! Read labels on food and look for the ones which have 5% or less sugar in 100 grams. Don’t buy anything low fat, it is packed with added sugars. Sugar is the reason for obesity, diabetes and strokes not fat! Also Pinterest is full with healthy natural sugar or low sugar dessert recipes. Just let your creativity blossom! (:


This was the second thing I did after preparing myself mentally for a change. I researched all kinds of information and I made my own food pyramid, it sounds risky but it is not, because it is based on existing ones which are scientifically approved. So what I decided was to go low on carbs!Many carbs are loaded with sugar and empty calories. Sure, I will eat brown rice, wholegrain or rye bread, oatmeal, but they will not be the dominant part of my everyday diet. I will focus on eating protein, fats, fruits and veggies! I am trying to eat more paleo, but I will continue to eat diary and some carbs.  I find this to be the healthiest path for me and I am still getting all the nutrients, so I am not in any way hurting my baby, I am making him and myself healthier! I decided to say NO! to all the food that has no nutritional value. And there is a magic cycle with carbs, if you eat carbs, you crave more carbs, it’s also a fact to keep in mind.


This one is still a struggle for me. When eating healthy I still worry if I don’t eat something too much and I get scared to eat something if it is not in my list. After all I need to stay humble and thankful that I have anything to eat at all. Let yourself have some occasional treats, don’t go to harsh on yourself, because too much of self control sometimes make people crusty. Don’t take it as a punishment! The most important thing in all of this is to be honest with yourself, is to learn to accept yourself and forgive yourself, is to be thankful for food and to stop judging others about their food choices.

I am in my last pregnancy month now and the cravings are huge, but thankfully for the last days when I started this healthy eating challenge ( I call it like that, because it is for me) I am doing better. I don’t feel the guilt anymore and I know that I am doing something good for myself and baby. One thing I wish is that I would have more energy, because there are so many things to do to prepare for baby. I believe that my lack of energy is because my body is trying to refuel, it was running on carbs all the time and it needs to find a new energy source.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this was helpful, if you want to learn more about sugar I recommend to watch movie Fed Up and Jamie’s Sugar Rush, you can find both of them on Youtube.

Love, Elina








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