Hello, my dear reader! I have been gone for awhile, because some major changes in my life are happening. I still will not spoil the big news, I want to dedicate a special blog post for that. I am a huge Christmas nerd. I am 25 years old, but I enjoy watching Home Alone and … More MERRY&BRIGHT


Good day! Me and Tom unlike the majority of married couples after wedding decided not to travel far, but go on a road trip, explore the beautiful places in Latvia and also visit neighbor country Lithuania. It was a five day trip, but full with beautiful places and moments, I want to share with you … More HONEY TRIP

T&E ❤ 17.09.2016.

Hello, dear reader! I want to share something really special with you. I got married on 17/09/16. The wedding was everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. We were really lucky with a photographer choice, it was our first photoshoot together with Tom, so it was a completely new experience for both of us, but … More T&E ❤ 17.09.2016.